I have studied Arts in Amiens, I obtained a master's degree in the domain known quoted in 2004. Since then, I am alternately a sculptor, a painter, an engraver. I have studied History of Art in 2006 to deepen my knowledge, as well as my area of competence. In the same period, I made my first weapons as manager of works and building in a Parisian gallery. I was going alongside to numerous famous artists as well conservators. It is these meetings with the professionals of preservation and conservation, which breathes me a new vocation. These experiences allowed me to choose a professional career: a job by analyses, relational and creative: conservator of metallic works.


I worked for example for The Collection Lambert in Avignon, the Museum of Fine Arts in Clermont Ferrand, The Museum of the Car and Tourism in Compiègne, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille. I am specializing in the treatment of cars, motorcycles and cycles, as well as in the dual areas of car-art, motorcycle-art, cycle-art.


Conservator of old vehicles, authorized museum of France, I carried out with collaborators the stabilization of an emblematic vehicle: a coach electrical Landaulet of 1906, preserved at the Museum of Cars and Tourism in Compiègne. This vehicle brand Kriéger, the latest born hybrid between the horsedrawn and the technical advances of his time, was the subject of a respectful conservation of his material values. intangible as well as his historicity.