from top to bottom and from left to right:

Ivan Puig SEFT1, 2006-2011 © All rights reserved Yvan Puig

Peter Weibel, Mechanik der Organismen - Maschinen der Organik, 1994 © All rights reserved ZKM Karlsruhe

Jean Luc Parant, The machines to see 1993 MAC of Marseille, all right reserved © Agathe Revert

Alain Bublex, Aérofiat 2.1, 1995 Castle exposure to Oiron, all right reserved © Agathe Revert

Mercedes Benz SKK "Count Trossi", 1930, Ralf Lauren collection © All rights reserved Michael Furman

Triumpf Adventurer 1998 Style Bent restored by Customs, all right reserved © Style Bent Customs

Swallow bicycle model Superb, French arms factory and Saint Etienne cycles, all right reserved © Museum of Art and Industry of Saint-Etienne